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My part: Graphics design, HTML and PHP coding based on OS-Commerce framework.
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ResumeWednesday December 16, 2009
resume, HTML, CSS,DHTML,XHTML, XML, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CGI-BIN, Bash, scripting,Linux,FreeBSD,Apache,MySQL
  • Photoshop, The Gimp, Fireworks, Flash, Adobe Premiere, ImageMagick
  • Good TCP-IP knowledgde, cross browser testing, general internet knowledge
  • Windows XP a.o. Companies looking for an allround webmaster, webdesigner, webdeveloper, system administrator, concept artist or all of the above?
  • Keywords: resume, DHTML, XHTML, CGI-BIN, Bash, scripting, Apache Get me more on:HTML (65) CSS (45) XML (38) Perl (6) PHP (7) MySQL (5) Javascript (4) Linux (11) MySQL (5)